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The Twisted Apples of Winesburg's Orchards

Step 3: Logline - Two dreary souls meet in an unfortunate situation. Like the twisted apples of Winesburg, they find happiness in the most unlikeliest place. 

STEP 2: 

Final Draft: 



I've chosen to use "Paper Pills" from Winesburg, Ohio as my source of inspiration for this short script. 

In short, it is the story of an old man who sits in his empty doctor's office all day. In his younger life he married a woman who was rich in inheritance and no one knew why she married him. The town also found it curious that she died only a year after their marriage. Dr. Reefy has a ritual of writing thoughts on pieces of paper and then keeping them in his pockets until they turn into "paper pills". . All these things mean stuff but I'll refrain from going into detail of what I think they mean.

This piece continues to draw the connection between the sweet twisted apples of the over picked orchard and Dr. Reefy's marriage with "The tall dark girl". In other words, in an unfair world they made the best of it. The book mentions, "Everyone in Winesburg wondered why she married the doctor." I plan to expose the reasons and the causes that led them to their marriage and to tell the very short "love" part of their seemly sad story. 

At the moment I'm debating if I should have the script take place entirely in the time he is a lonely old man, or if I want to tell the story set in the chronological order or the development of their relationship. I'm leaning towards the lader but concerned about time... I don't want to rush through their story so hopefully I can pull something off in 8 minutes. 


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