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The Twin Cities

I am located in Minot, ND. Not the best place for street photography. I decided to drive 7 hours to Minneapolis and spend a few days out there to explore the city.


For my street portrait, I ended up finding this woman crossing the street. The shot wasn't composed, it was more of a spur of the moment kind of thing. What I enjoyed about her was her stride. I could tell she had a place to be. Another thing I enjoyed about her is how her hair laid on her clothes. Her blonde hair really stood out against her all black clothes.


My motion blur shot was of the Metro that goes through the city. I picked this as my motion blur shot because the metro connects the city. Whether its the bus or the train, the metro is used to get through the city. I felt like it was important to include this shot to tell a story about Minneapolis. One thing I like about this shot was how you could see the motion in the front of the metro but the people inside are still. It kinda shows how fast the Metro was going through the city.


I shot a bunch of look ups when I was in Minneaoplis. It was hard to choose but this was my favorite. I really enjoyed the architecture of this building. The statues stood out to me. I also like how the light falls on the building. The sun was shining through and landed on a fraction of the building creating a shadow. The building was also massive which made for a nice full shot. 


For my final night photography shot, I did another shot to convey motion. For this one the environment was still while everything else was in motion. As soon as I shot this photo what stood out to me was my friend who was also trying to catch some light trails was perfectly still. The way the photo came out it looks like he was taking photos of lights streaming down the street. I also liked how the people toward the left are blurry too. It added more overall motion to the shot. This photo seemed perfect for my night photography select.

I hope you guys enjoyed my project. Big thanks to Trashhand for putting this class together. Trash is the reason I started taking photography seriously. 


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