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Rose O.

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The Twilight Zone: A Hand-Lettering Project

It took me a few hours to nail down what phrase I wanted to use for this project. After struggling for a long time I turned to the advice given by Mary Kate; research a topic of interest. I love The Twilight Zone so I began recalling and researching all the great lines of the series. I ended up choosing the line, "What you thought was the end is the beginning," said by Mr. Death in the episode Nothing In The Dark. Mr. Death says this to a woman crippled with the fear of death as he gently takes her away from the world as we know it. It offers solace and I love it.  Below is my brainstorming, mind map of sorts.

I got a little carried away with my research...

Initial Sketches:

I'm liking the blackletter, partially because I drew it well, and also because I like the look and conept of it in the Disney Land advertisement in my mood board. It would be a good way to end the phrase with the word "beginning" because it acts as a "now entering such and such state" sign. Above that the rest of the phrase could live up in space, up in the heavens.



First Sketch:

Below is the vectorized sketch. I also started playing around with color for the first time. Not likeing the "computerized" look of it. Need to make it look a little more vintage. I took this to school and got the same critiques as the comments below, as well as people wanting it to spread out more vertically. I agree.

Below is the current state of the poster. I added texture and started working a more muted but still bright colors. I always wanted there to be a light to dark in the background to symbolize life and death, and beginning and end, etc. I think I'd like to add a long shadow for the "Beginning" signs. One of the major things left is to redraw "was the" in the script I practiced with. What are your thoughts? Does "is the" still get lost?


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