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Kerri Feazell

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The Truth Will Set You Free


This short film is based on several texts and characters from Spoon River Anthology, including Deacon Taylor, Oaks Tutt, and Jonathan Swift Somers. Oaks Tutt, after traveling the world, returned to Spoon River with a mandate "from heaven" to "Preach Justice! Preach Truth!" The main scene is a public debate between Oaks and Jonathan Swift Somers who challenged Oaks to a debate on the subject of "Pontius Pilate, the Greatest Philosopher of the World." Oaks conveys that Jonathan Swift Somers won the debate with: "Before you reform the world, Mr. Tutt, Please answer the question of Pontius Pilate, 'What is Truth?'"


Final Draft

Second Draft

First Draft


Deacon Taylor, a secret drunk, is seeking freedom and affirmation as a good person while Oaks Tutt--judging Deacon Taylor's lack of commitment to the church--claims to understand an objective and divine truth.


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