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The True Meaning of YOLO

Company Description:

My business is very similar to yours Ryan of speaking to high schoolers. I will be mostly focusing on assembly and conference keynote speeches.

Presentation name/concept:

The True Meaning of YOLO

Core Message:

The fact that you only live once isn't an excuse to do something stupid, it's a reason to do the opposite. Spend your life pursuing your passion instead of simply just making yourself happy. Find something that you have a true passion for and pursue it, regardless of your excuses and failures and setbacks.

Ideal Audience:

High School Students


Pursue Your Passion, don't just do what makes you happy.

Story:In high school I made close to 20k doing computer programming, and at 17 I had a midlife crisis because it wasn't my passion. So I sacrificed everything I had to start a business and I now get to do what I truly love.


It won't be easy.


The three most upbeat things I'll say: You will be wrong, fail, and lose. Everyone does. Your reaction to those times is what will define you as a person. I use the 1995 Chicago Bulls and Lindsey Lohan as examples, as well as my first time doing public speaking and running for a student office. It was in sixth grade, I failed miserably, and then let that failure define me for 4 years.


Take Action


The three steps you need to take to pursue your passion, whatever it is: Commit, Network, And Do It.

Promotional Materials:

I have a Twitter account all set up, as well as LinkedIn and Google+. I'm in the process of getting my blog setup and a new Facebook fan page. Probably about a month out (I have to finish a few content heavy items for them first, as well as get some professional pictures). I have a lot of online marketing experience, so this is something I plan on knocking out of the park and standing out from other youth speakers with.

Final Part:

I plan on building up a large email list on my blog over time through speaking. I'll then be able to market a book at some point, as well as any other more premium type products, like courses.


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