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The Treasure-Dragon

First it should be said, that I am not a designer nor a trained artist. I'm drawing just for fun and this was a very nice project, that I enjoyed with my kids.

Thank you, Karla, for this class. It was very interesting to see your process of research and drawing and I learned a lot from it.

First my children (who are 3 and 5) and I made an inspiration board and searched dragons that we like and animals, that look like dragongs. We had birds, dinosaurs, snakes and various reptiles.

Then I drew some thumbnails and the kids decided which one to continue. I don't draw digital, so the thumbnails are done with a brushpen.



The kids voted for the dragon in the middle of the second sheet with the little feet and the bird-like snout.

So I drew him in my sketchbook and finished him up. When asked what kind of dragon this should be like, the kids wanted a "Treasure-Dragon". You know, dragons love to have treasures, gold and precious things. So that was what the dragon was supposed to look like.


This is the final dragon. It was big fun for all of us and definitely not the last dragon we invented, there were so many other ideas :)


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