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The Traveling Swallow

This is a work in progress...

I haven't really done any real branding projects in about 4 years (I took an extended break from design and advertising). But I'm getting back into it and it's amazing how much I've forgotten and how much I remember (some things are slowly trickling back into my mind from the past).

I'm creating a graphic design brand for myself, and for the first time I'm really paying attention to all aspects of it - literally putting my back into it. So I've decided to not rush through this class and project and do things thoroughly.

If anybody has any advise or comments please give it!

--- MIND DUMP ---

I love paper, I have notes everywhere, in several notebooks and when my mind starts to wander it really just goes off in several directions. Hence the utter chaotic nature of my mind dump.



This was difficult, I started with it somewhere in March or April, I would work on it for a bit, forget about it, work some more on it, tell myself it's not important, realise it's pretty important, think about it some more and now it has become a THING, that I'm hpefully finished with.

Persona 1: Clarissa

Clarissa (35) is a professional and sophisticated lawyer at a financial service group. She and her husband (a medical doctor) lives in the suburbs with their dogs. Both of whom were adopted shelter mutts since Clarissa is a great animal lover and supporter of the local Animal Cruelty League/SPCA.

She also loves traveling and has recently spent some time in Italy, France and Thailand with her husband. Always having a finger on the newest fashion and home décor trends she has quite the following on Pinterest. Her other passion lies with beautiful ceramics and she is constantly collecting ideas for her dream coffee shop that will also sell beautiful handmade articles made by local artisans.

She attends regular yoga classes after work at the local gym and loves cooking dinners and baked goods for friends and family whom she loves to visit on the family farm on a regular basis.


Persona 2: Olivia

Olivia (26) is a fun loving female copy writer at a small advertising agency. She shares a flat (the pay ain’t that good and no pets allowed) with one of her friends from Ad School. She started dating a friend of a friend a few months ago that she met at an inner city wine route event.

If she isn’t out and about with friends or her boyfriend at micro-breweries, cycling and camping on the outskirts of town or attending one of the local music festivals (she has recently fallen in love with a Spanish indie rock band called Hinds after a weekend music festival) When she’s at home she watches comedies (Modern Family) or does a bit of armchair travelling with reruns from The Amazing Race on TV. She can never say no to a good book and will swap books with some of the other copy writers or creatives at the agency. Staying at home and reading obviously happens more often than all the other activities, but a girl can save some money and hope and dream!

She’s not much of a pinner, but she does have a twitter account and an Instagram feed filled with photos from all her adventures.

When she has a bit of extra cash lying around (at the end of the month) she will go to one of the more expensive grocery shops to splurge on the finer things in life, good steak, great red wine and some organic vegetables.


Persona 3: Irene

Irene (30) is the proud and practical mom of two energetic boys. She lives in the suburbs with her husband (best friend from high school) and two cats. She has a degree in Theatre and Dance as well as a post-graduate degree in teaching. When she isn’t at school teaching a bunch of lively 10 year-olds she is giving dance lessons after school at one of the local high schools.

When she isn’t looking for recipes on the net via Pinterest (she is a prolific pinner) and various blogs she’s always planning and thinking of her dream vacation to Paris (hopefully soon and preferably in the spring) or Mauritius. A romantic at hart with a love for the occasional fantasy she loves movies like Safe Haven, The Lord of the Rings and The Hunger Games. At the top of her reading list you’ll find some classics like Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Peter Pan but also some suspense in the form of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

From time to time she will attend arts and crafts fairs or the yearly arts festival with her friends. When she is not attending to her kids or spending time with her husband she reads her favourite magazines (mostly home, garden and décor related) and websites (art and travel).


Persona 4: Emma

Emma (50) is a history lecturer at a small university. She has several degrees and lives with her husband near the university where they both work. They recently moved to a much smaller two bedroom house that they had built since their children have moved out. They have no pets because they frequently travel both locally and internationally. She loves planning her trips in detail and will always have several travel guides at hand.

Being around young people Emma is still very much young at heart, she goes to some of the local music performances (where she and her husband are usually the oldest in the crowd) and plays the latest hits from Madonna and Adele loud in her car when nobody is along.

She started to attend art history classes at night and she has a great love for the Dutch masters (especially the intricate lace details and detailed still lives).

She is an avid reader (especially historical fiction Secrets of a Charmed Life or thrillers like I am Pilgrim), goes to the cinema on a weekly basis and lives for her Sunday Skype sessions with her children and grand-daughter whom she adores.



This to me was a great starting point - I'm still asking myself a lot of questions about my brand and more importantly what I want to accomplish with it. Like everything else, it's a work in progress and will change as I get deeper into the branding process. In the meanwhile...





This is a temporary mission statement - for my future Etsy shop. It will change in the near fututre when I quit my current job.

Beautiful, eclectic graphics for house and home or office inspired by the world for creative souls and travelers at heart.






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