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The Traveling Circus Troupe Heroes

My idea is this traveling circus troupe have more than just a unique talent/skill that brings entertainment but they have supernatural powers that come upon them when a person/persons/towns are in trouble. An orphan girl ended up following this troupe when they came to her town and since then, she ended up joining their family, uncovering each circus person's personalities, powers and their dark secrets.

I wanted to play with different shapes for the silhouettes from tall to short, lean to stout, etc.

So turns out my thumbnails are too dark that you cannot see the the structure underneath my characters!
So I have lightened the thumbnails:

Finally moved to stage 02 of refining my thumbnails.

Not entirely complete since I still need to choose a few to refine. I ended up sketching each character in my thumbnails so I can hone in on the one I really want to refine. I think I might go with the following 5 (might whittle down my choices even more!): 02, 03, 06, 07, 10.

Thank you for the comments so far! A few had told me the wolf seems out of place with my characters - the story behind the wolf is that he is the wolf boy who can summon himself to be the wolf but finds it harder to control the wolf within everytime it is summoned. There is dark magic involved in this circus troupe! I wonder how I can portray this in the character lineup? Maybe a question I need to pose to the teacher.

I have reached the second part of the second stage where I "bring out the design of elements such as clothing, hair, weapons. Figure out who the character is and what the purpose of their design is."

clown 01 - he happens to be a skilled archer, the arrow on his head is his limited supply of arrows which he pulls and shoot. His mallet is second weapon of choice.

girl - I haven't figured out if she is the orphan girl assigned to replace a former tightrop walker or not. Her weapon is her umbrella that deflects anything thrown at her, doesn't break when she uses it. Plus she has the agility and flexibility to walk and get out of tight spaces.

hirsute woman - She embraces her feminity and her hairiness, the matronly type. She is the hirsute woman - able to weave anything quickly but she also has a rolling pin that can expand to be used as weapon (should I have shown that in the character lineup?)

strong man - he can swing any barbells at quick speed as if they were weightless.

Now I have to watch the next videsos.


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