The Traveling Bug by Sandra Yñiguez

The Traveling Bug by Sandra Yñiguez - student project
  1. List a theme or two that you are interested in pursuing on Instagram
    - Conscious Travel (Nature)
    - Photography
  2. Explain why you chose this theme.
    I choose Travel and Photography as a theme for the following main reasons:
    I am a photographer with more than nine years experience but putting this information aside everything started when I was 10yo and travel and flew for the very first time.
    My parents always loved traveling to places where Mother Nature is the main character in the scene by teaching us (my brother and I) that we have to take care of these places and that is why I feel much more connected to Natural Landscapes as well rather than the city.
    That first trip was to Canada (I am from Barcelona, Spain) so the contrast was real and I remember my parents lending me one of their 'point-and-shoot' cameras so I started capturing moments. From there, it all just escalated to going to Alaska this last summer and moving to Iceland afterwards for four months. 

    These are the places I like the most and am passionate the most about freezing in a photo so I do not see why I would not choose them as my theme.
  3. How do you plan to create content for your theme?
    Besides not having that passive and more than needed and wanted income to travel, anything I save (either from photoshoots, prints, videos and more...), mostly goes and becomes the majority of the investment for all my trips. 
    To apply the 'Conscious' part in my travels I usually try to stay longer periods of time wherever I go not only to make the most out of it (and get to create much more content of these places that later I will be able to share on IG @sanysaurio) but to get to learn, understand and become more aware of their culture and lifestyle.

    Any feedback and/or recommendations on how to improve or niche and dive deeper into my personal branding, content, how to reach to the right clients and following, are kindly welcome.

    Wish you all a wonderful week (: