The Trap

The Trap - student project

Buongiorno Emiliano,

Your class was top quality content and i appreciated it all the way through. I took physical notes of the wise sentences you shared with the audience and now I read through them whenever I want to create anything. 

Thanks to your class, I know so much more compared to what I knew before!

Here is some of the work I did during the class.



The "winning" idea:

The Trap - image 1 - student project


The first colorway:


The Trap - image 2 - student project


But then I remembered to experiment, so I added the subtle sunset to accentuate the fact that sadly, some people in the article may feel like their lives are slowly coming to an end.

And so the "final" piece looks like this:



The Trap - image 3 - student project




Also, this is an idea I pondered about for a while, but abandoned it, as the snake seemed too literal and the whole situation did not contain a human, which made it not so relatable to the viewer.

The Trap - image 4 - student project


Thank you very much!