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The Tracker

So I watched all the videos and went to gather my materials. I had some Ph Martins already, though it wasn't matte, and some brushes and nibs. I remembered always loving nibs and since I was working small to conserve time I needed something that could do the smaller details of the "lion." Then I broke out the brushes which is what I really took this class for. I practiced for a few days before even starting on this final piece to try and get used to things. When I was ready I chose this image out of my sketchbook, made it larger, and transfered it like Yuko said to do. The final inking is above. I really like the way the brush made the rock textures appear. My pencil drawings tend to be rather tight so using a brush really helped me to accept the beauty in little "mistakes." Using the nibs for the fur was also really fun. I then threw it into photoshop and colored it. The final result is below. Thank you Yuko for putting on this class for us, I really enjoyed the experience!! I also just got some of the matte ink so I'm hoping to continue practicing when I have time from my normal work.


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