The Tower

The Tower - student project

I started out on this peice by laying out a bunch of sloppy thumbnails. Eventually I came up with this and decided it had the most potential.

The Tower - image 1 - student project

The idea was to make a kind of downtrodden feel, with a clock tower. The whole idea time is running out that kind of thing. But then I just started playing with it. I wish I had the frame of mind to put together more of my progress, but once I jumped in ...well I tend to get lost in the whole process! 

Anyway this is what I ended up with! 

The Tower - image 2 - student project

It went from this clock tower to a kind of metaphorical goal. I remember reading some where that the idea of a tower symbolically can mean asperations, so I ran with that idea. I originally had this all pretty cut and dry solids but upon letting my husband look it over he suggested playing up the mood with gradients, hard light and heavy cloud. Damn, I love that man. He's always got good artistic advice! 

Anyway all comments, critiques and bricks will be cherished and loved like adorable corgi puppies. 

Thanks for looking! :D