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The Top Five Things You Need to Consider Before Even Starting a Blog

Class Title and Description

The Top Five Things You Need to Consider Before Even Starting a Blog

So you've decided to share your talents to the world and create a blog. What exactly is blogging, though? How long should a blog post be? Should you get WordPress? Here, I discuss the top five things you need to consider before starting a blog. This class is perfect for those who wish to start blogging.

Project Title and Description

Think of a name and tagline for your blog.

For our class project, I'd like for you to think of a name and tagline for your awesome blog.

Exercise your creative juices a bit more by making a social media graphic or poster featuring your blog's name and tagline. Utilize free graphic design programs on the Internet like Canva or Fotor or PicMonkey. Uplooad your project in the project gallery.

By the way, if you have any questions, don't worry. Just ask them in the comments section and I'll answer them as best as I can.

Video Outline

Unit 1 Introduction

Why did I create this class?

Who will this class benefit?

Unit 2 Let's Get Down to Business!

1. Blog identity: topic, name, tagline, elevator pitch, and target reader

What is your brand about?

Who are you talking to?

What is an elevator pitch?

2. Blogging platform

WordPress or Blogger (or something else)? or

3. Web host

What is a web host?

Factors to consider when choosing a web host

4. Creating and promoting content

How does one create spiffy content?

What is SEO?

Do I have to promote my blog?

5. Monetization

What are sponsored posts?

What are some of the most popular affiliate networks?

Unit 3 Final Thoughts

Advice and motivation

Here's the link to my outline:

Introduction Video

Here's my sample introduction video:


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