The Tools of Gardening

The Tools of Gardening - student project


I feel like this print doesn't deserve to be shown along with the rest of the class since everyone else knocked this out of the park! But, I gotta start somewhere, right?

I sketched each item out and arranged them once I had them in Photoshop. I originally thought this class would be in Illustrator (as I'm trying to become more proficient in it) so I attempted to create the objects there first then re-created them in PS.

I love being able to create ink marks and scan them in to add fun texture and didn't know it was possible to capture a broad range of tones within black ink. I really loved learning about the alpha channel with these textures! Zooming in shows the watercolor-y feel to some of the patches and it's so cool!

Thanks for making this so I can learn about these things. Up next - inky maps!The Tools of Gardening - image 1 - student project