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The Tomboy Aesthetic

      1. What problem do you want to solve?

Streetwear is a very male dominated market with most brands designing for and targeting the equally male-centric sublcutres they market. Problem is the ladies get no love! Most of the brands have a small girls line that doesn't release every season, or offers limited product styles. My goal is to create a tomboy look suited for the fresh and fly chicas who roll with the street scene boys and have the skills to run the scene.

     2. How are you going to solve it?

Focus on using menswear styles and adding some softer details. Really aiming to create a boyfriend fit without saying "Im someones boyfriend". The girl is to be able to produce this line for the ladies, but easily modify it for a men's line. The priority is one jacket, one shirt, and one pant.

      3. How is it different from what's already on the market?

Like I mentioned before the streetwear scene doesn't really cater to the ladies, but I know a lot of girls out there who are into it. 

      4. Who is your demographic?

The downtown 'everyday I'm hustlin' young ambitious lady. Age 20-28, who checks style blogs, is interested in skating, art, music, partying. While also maintains a strict professional deamonor in the working world. She strives for what she wants, and doesn't stop until she gets it. 

      5. How much would you pay for it?

I would say these products come in at the lower high-end retail market. Competively priced with the men's streetwear brands. $120 for a jacket, approx $50 for a shirt, $150 for quality denim.

Selvedge Boyfriend jeans > Va$htie Kola (huge inspiration) > Va$htie's Air Jordan 2 design


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