The Tomb | Skillshare Projects

The Tomb

The house appeared out of nowhere, hidden among overgrown trees and bushes, and entombed in dirt and decay. This once elegant country home is now a picture of the unseen forces of neglect. 

Bony vines creep up the crumbling walls grabbing onto the rotting window sill. Reaching through the broken dormers, they howl loudly as they latch onto the jagged glass. The door swings back and forth. Is it the wind or something else?  I peer inside. Furniture, encased in cobwebs and dust,sags as though someone is sitting there. An unholy smell permeates. 

I've seen enough. I can't get out of there fast enough. As I run out, the door slams behind me as if to say "you're not welcome here." I glance back catching a glimpse of light reflecting off the falling chimney. It makes me run faster.


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