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The Time Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffennegger

I'll be doing a dropcap of the letter "N" for The TIme Traveler's Wife, a novel about 


Some main ideas/themes that stood out: papier mache birds and DNA.

Papier mache birds: Clare, one of the main characters, is an artist who works with papier mache and often immerses herself in work while Henry is time traveling. She makes giant sculptures that capture the strains in her relationship with Henry.

DNA: Henry is diagnosed with"Chrono-impairment," a genetic mutation that is passed down to his daughter. I thought it'd be interesting to explore the scientific aspect of the book, since Henry's condition is unchangeable and therefore fixes every event that happens to both him and his relationship with Clare.

Preliminary sketching:

For additional details, I thought I'd make the different base pairs the different relationships in the book, which would give me an opportunity to explore the familial and romantic entanglements more wholistically.


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