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The Time Management Myth

"We say we waste time, but that's impossible. We waste ourselves." ~Alice Bloch

Do you ever feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day? Most of us feel that way on a daily basis. We sometimes feel overwhelmed and aren't even sure how to spend the time we have.

Time is the great equalizer. We all have the exact same number of hours in the day. How do we make the most of our time? The idea that time can be "managed" is a myth. No matter what we do, we can't change the amount of time we have, nor can we change how quickly or slowly time goes by. We can only manage ourselves and the choices we make with our time.

The Time Management Myth open workshop will focus on improving your time habits, identifying your time thieves, and making time work for you. We'll share valuable ideas and insights to help you to protect your most valuable asset: your time. 


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