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The Thrive Workshop

I started working on The Thrive Workshop in the fall of 2013.  Up until now I've been doing it off the side of my desk while working full time at the Interaction Institute for Social Change.

I have now transitioned to part-time work at IISC in order to fully launch The Thrive Workshop.

I need 6 to 8 people in the Boston area in order to run our first ten-week pilot.  It was my intention to start in April, but I only have two people who are ready to place a deposit.

As of today I have 262 facebook likes, 114 them were already my friends.  I am microtargetting my ads through facebook.

Most of the time I get likes on my facebook posts that don't translate into likes on our facebook page.

18 people have taken the additional step of sharing their information with me and scheduling telephone interviews.

You can see how the numbers keep shrinking.

But I know we are striking a chord here.  Drip, drip, drip.


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