The Thrill of Competition

Once upon a time, I swam competitively. I swam in open water, I swam in pools, I swam anywhere there was a race. And I won a fair few of them, too.

And then I just didn't. I hung up my cap and goggles and got busy with growing up.

Now, I'm 27 and my office job has taken a toll on my body. So I decided to get active. I tried running. I tried playing Wii Fit, I tried taking the stairs and going for walks. And I never stuck to any of them consistently.

I decided one day to go to the pool at my gym on my lunch break. To hell with worrying about what anyone would think of me in a swim suit. And I got in the water. And I swam. And it was like something clicking in my brain and I remember the joy and freedom and power I used to feel in the water all those years ago.

My fitness action plan revolves around getting back into swimming and joining a Masters swim club, with the aim of competing in at least one swim meet in 2013, as well as competing in at least one distance open water swim competition. In the process, I want to rebuild my swimmers body and my swimmers endurance. I will:

* Swim at least 1000m in 30 minutes during my lunch break, every day

* Track my calories on MFP, aiming to create a deficit sufficient to lose 1 to 2 lbs of body fat per week

* Complete 1 distance swim every week on a weekend day, starting from 2000m and building that distance

* Learning how to perform compound lifts.

* Complete weight training 3x per week to build lean tissue

* Eat a balance of nutrients

* Stay sober (5 months and counting)

My ultimate goal for 2013 is:

* To swim at least twice competitively, once at a Masters swim meet and once in an open water competition

My ultimate long-term goals are:

* Drop from my high weight of 210 lbs to my old race weight at 130 lbs. (Have currently gone from 210 - 196)

* Have sculpted, strong swimmer's shoulders that look stunning in a photograph

* Build lean muscle mass and lose fat tissue, resulting in 20% body fat percentage


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