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The Three Little Pigs illustrated by Jen Meyer


Hi Sally!

Thank you so much for thinking of my work for your book!  And YES I’d love to illustrate it!  The due date for the cover concepts work for me. I do have a few more questions:

What format would you like files and how do you prefer receiving them?

What is the fee and general timeline for the book phase?

How many pages will be expected?

I assume you like my line drawings, so I will send you roughs in that style.

Thanks so much!

I look forward to working with you,

Jen Meyer



Hi Sally,

Here are my two roughs.  On this first one I was thinking of the pigs being the spotlight and the lines behind would be colorful and bright. I took the idea from a previous pig I've drawn in the past and sold at a gallery.  The last pig on the bottom is facing the opposite way becasue he is the only pig to survive. And him(or her) facing the other way represents doing things differently.


The second rough:

For the second rough, I thought it would be fun to play on the modern theme and I've been addited to learning about tiny houses lately so doing a 'tiny modern house' edition of this story seemed just right and like perfect timing with all those tiny home shows coming out now. 


I'm looking forward to hearing what you think!


Jen Meyer


OK Here's the final cover.  Went with the tiny homes edition.

If I had time to redo-I would like to change the background color to more of a teal instead of green...



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