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The Three Little Pigs and the Huffin' Puffin' Wolf

Thank you so much Lisa for this fun class! I'm a graphic designer trying to look for ways to keep myself inspired and motivated. I've taken a couple classes this month and yours has been the one that got me to start making something and not just watching. Your story is so inspiring! You have given me the inspiration to keep working towards making the things I love. :) 




For this idea I played with the elements the little pigs used to make their houses: (straw, sticks/wood, concrete and bricks) to make the word "THREE". I also played with the "g" on the word "Pigs" as if was a pig's curly tail.

I also changed the title to "The Three Little Pigs and the Huffin' Puffin' Wolf." 


On this idea I worked on making it happy and playful. There's not much concept to it, but I think it looks cute. 


After making my first two sketches, I decided to blend them together and make a third sketch. I really liked the word "THREE" made of the materials used by the pigs, which I think it is the main part of the story. I got rid on the "g" with the curly end as a pig's tail and added the three little pigs hanging around the word "THREE."


I re-drew my illustration on a light box and used a sharpie fine point marker, then scanned it and clean it up a little in Photoshop. I made a Bitmap of the drawing and moved to Illustrator to add color (I could have done it in Photoshop, but Illustrator is my main jam). 




I had fun playing with colors and ended up making the pigs diverse (too make all color piggies feel included ;)). I also added a sun to the upper right corner because I feel it needed something. I added a halftone pattern to the background to have some texture. Although I see a lot of room for improvement, overall I am pretty happy about the end result. 


thanks for looking! and thanks again Lisa! xo


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