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The Three Little Pigs Illustrated By Neelam K.

E-mail to the Art Director

Dear Sally,

I really appreciate you considered me for the next Book Cover Design Project at Swanky Publishing and that you took some from your busy schedule to preview my portfolio. This sounds an interesting brief and I would love to work on this.

The brief which does give a base idea around the project, however to take this forward, I would require further details which would make this project a success for both of us. Here are few required details:

  • What is the final file format you are looking for
  • Any Color Scheme preference (It does says Bold Colors)
  • Copyrights for the Illustrations or Agreement with respect to the Project with the relevant details
  • Deadline for the Rough Sketches for the Concepts
  • Deadline for Final Interior Illustrations and fee
  • When do you expect the book be published (Month) and how many copies
  • Are you also considering any royalties, if yes what is the %
  • Would you pay an advance and what would be the payment method (Cheque or Paypal)

I thank you for this wonderful opportunity and I hope to hear from you any would be delighted to work with you.


Neelam K.


Hi Lisa, 

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I am complete newbie into this world of illustration and design. Though worked on some projects locally and I would share one such experience here, as I included a question regading the advance payment and agreement

I would really appreciate if anybody in the class can also share any such experience or may be if you can guide me to a better way to communicate.

My local publishing co. gave me an opportunity to design a kids's poetry book, I shared the initial concepts and rough drawings with them. Once approvedI went ahead and completed the project, however they did not pay me and I had to really struggle to get my payments. This is what taught me to discuss about contracts and agreements and about an initial advance fee which kinds of secures my efforts.




I prepared three skecthes, my initial sketch was to display the 3 houses with a Wolf paw and a boiling water, however this did not quite create an impression as I thought, hence I came up up with second sketch where i tried to create a Wolf Jaw and three pig heads inside which kind of did not fit well to the story line Finally I came up with a third sketch, where in I highlighted the Wolf though the story is about Three Little Pigs, image of Wolf created that interest and drama for a reader to pick the book form the shelf. And hence concluded with the third one. Here are all the pieces, third one as final with some textural effect.

Skecth 1:


Sketch 2:


Sketch 3 :


With some tweaks I decided to go with the third sketch for the Book Cover.



Final E-Mail:

Dear Sally,

Attached is the Cover Artwork in JPEG and AI Format, as requested. It was a wonderful working with you and I am glad you shared your feedback at every step of the project to make this a success. 

Further, I look forward to work on the Second Phase of the project. 


Neelam K.


It was a great learning for me. I would like to thank Lisa for the class, and sharing some great tips to start as an illustrator. 

Thank You Lisa...


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