The Three Brothers

The Three Brothers - student project

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Original Story Breakdown

Story Beats: 

  • An Enchantress has three sons but trusts none of them
  • She changes two of the children into animals
  • The third son catches on and adventures to a castle
  • He gets lost in a forest and meets two giants
  • These giants fight over a cap but can't win
  • He takes the cap by trickery
  • He arrives at the castle through the cap
  • He goes in, meets the princess, and she's a hag
  • She tells him about how she can be pretty again and turn his brothers back
  • He goes to kill a bull, who makes a bird, who he has to take the egg from
  • His brothers help him through these trials as animals
  • He becomes king, turns his brothers back, and marries the princess


Setting: Some fantasy universe close to the coast. There is a mountain, Forest, castles, even mythical creatures like giants and firebirds.

This could be somewhere near Greece since that's when the giant and phoenix concept came, but the king thing points me to an English, ire sort of feel. Don't know why.


Character Profiles: 

Enchantress: Inciting Incident

Enchanter: Antagonist / connected to the king maybe

Eagle Son: Support

Whale Son: Support

King Son: Protagonist, Lucky, Brave and resourceful

Princess: Goal, Damsel, Exposition

Giants: First Trial, Deus ex

Bull/Bird: Main trial, there just...because


Writing Style: 

descriptive when it comes to action and emotion.


The naming of things "Golden sun" and "Wishing cap" Important


Key Question: 

How can I explain that things are not what they seem?

How can I write an entertaining story?

Retelling Breakdown

Key Question: 

What is worth believing in?

How to trust?

How can I tell an entertaining story?



A Small town surrounded by forest close to another which is in the shadow

of a mountain.

Era: A fantasy vague mixed setting. Semi-urban.

Oft isn't sunny, mostly sunny on the other side.

Spooky, jaded, and repressing. The place puts a tight fist around it's



Writing Style: 

Simple sentences with some imagery, (showing), and some bluntness

(telling) to reflect the son.

Surface heavy-Straight forward like a fairy tale, but dense with naming

of things, and how the theme is suggested subtly.


Character Profiles: 

Enchantress: Extreme bad of setting. Neglectful, Selfless

Enchanter: Extreme bad of his setting. Possessive, Selfish.

Owl son: Parrell to protag, but trusting only his family

Dolphin son: Doesn't trust anyone, too trusting

King son: Still Brave, Crafty instead of lucky, and strong-willed

Giants: Contrast with the brother's relationship, first trial/characterization moment

Princess: Exposition, mysterious to the end, the biggest trial

Bull/Bird: Final trial, message promoter


Story Beats: 

  • Setup: The last son's mother is becoming closer to him, and he thinks that's strange
  • He leaves the only place he knows, following an owl through the woods
  • The owl leaves and he meets the giants, who argue and fight over a cloak neither
  • can wear
  • He tricks them, obtains the cloak, and figures out how to escape in the nick of time.
  • The Golden sun city contrasts his own, he wants to stay there forever
  • Hears about a princess and goes to see her in a subtle, sneaky way
  • Sees a hideous girl, hears the princess out, and has to decide whether he trusts her
  • He decides not to tell the king or her family he is going to do this and teleports to
  • this bull
  • The bull is near a spring down the mountain, killed the two giant brothers
  • He fights the bull in the rocky terrain and kills it in the forest
  • The bird retreats to the forest to be cut off by owl brother, eggs drops close to spring
  • Dolphin brother and other fish put out the fire it causes and king son takes the crystal
  • Teleports with his brothers to the city and exposes the enchanter as the king.
  • Ending: The cities bond through that ball, the fog clears, and they live happily ever after

Retelling Roadmap


Section 1:Beginning

  • Establish setting and tone — Glassy Moon, spooky yet light
  • Introduce King's son- Show how brave he is and tell the relationship with his family
  • Establish the change- He doesn't know whether to trust his mother or instincts/
  • brothers
  • Hero's Journey- The enchantress mom doesn't follow him into the woods


Section 2: Middle

  • Enters the forest, and gets lost, but was following that owl
  • When we meet the giants, they are upset at each other, and it is clear that this cloak
  • they're fighting over isn't the reason, but is said to be so. It's important to both of them while neither knows what it does.
  • They don't want to listen to an outsider's opinion at first and have to be convinced.
  • He puts on the cape, and they play a game of hide and seek, winner gets the cloak
  • They rough up the forest looking for him, the owl blinds him and makes him teleport due to a roaming thought.
  • He's in the city, in contrasts to his own, and he is met with a bunch of things to do
  • He adapts to life there, is told how things are, and notice the graves

  • He visits the kingdom, meets the king, and sneaks in to meet the princess

  • He doesn't know if he can trust the princess, but she tells him how to solve both

    their problems.

  • He teleports where she said, finds what she said he would, and the dead giants


Section 3: End


  • He kills the bull, and with help from his brothers, who learn their own lessons,
  • gets the thing they need.
  • He teleports back to Golden Sun, and has to trust himself for once, and think
  • He exposes the king as the enchanter, the king's power is transferred, and the
  • princess is beautiful again. They end on the terms that glassy moon and golden sun will trust one another.
Caleb Marcelle
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