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The Three Amigos


Here are my three noisy messy goofball budgies or parakeets depending on where you live. Before I had pet birds I would have never believed how much personality is packed into such little pipsqueaks. My goal of this project was to capture their personalities and practice using my fancy brush set. I usually work in Illustrator so this project has been really fun for me.

Georgie was acquired from a friend five years ago and he is a self confident happy little chappy.

Louis is a rescue that took ages to hand tame, but now he loves to sing and puff up his feathers.

Timothy is another rescue that has been with us one month. He came from a terrible situation and he is still re-cooperating from his injuries. Despite all his troubles he’s a sweet little fellow and the other two birds seem to agree especially Louis.


Here is my origanal sketch I drew from life. 


I inked it old school because I found my digital inking was a bit too wobbly. I liked the outlines for the most part so I just masked out the messy bits.


The feather texture is from a lino-cut stamp I made ages ago.

This is my final for the moment. 

I played with the background quite a bit, but decided to go with this painterly look.



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