The Thoughts I'm thinking...

The Thoughts I'm thinking... - student project

I love doing this sort of thing. I joined this class to work on my writing an get advice from a pro like you. I have dream to publish children's books and most people struggle with writing. It's tough for children to learn how to write proper. Maybe I can create some fun workbooks who knows. I know for sure that I love the way writing makes me feel and I love lettering...I have so many ides  but this year I am publishing my book for sure working on my lettering skills!

Here's draft one! I sat and wrote. I just listened  to the sounds and thought of the lady I always see. 

Feedback would be awesome. 

The Thoughts I'm thinking... - image 1 - student project

Okay so I finished this class. I am know reading my work and I can see the passive voice and I see words that I can do without, some punctuation and grammar. I love the scene I describe but I feel I need to really bring it to life with sounds  and just really build this world. I;d like to really capture her smile to make the reader know that she has a smile and feel that warmth that we miss in our everyday life. I;d like to describe this and rewrite it more. Yeah I am proud of this simple writing here and if I can poetically build a circle in this world that connects us: the reader, me and the women, then this would be fabulous. What do you think?

I have decided that I am going to continue this class with the book I am writing. I have a story and need to make the characters stronger. Right now I have the story written but some of the pieces of the puzzle.shall we say, aren't exactly coming together. I am in the phase of analyzing every character and so I started with this a little.

I basically have six characters and they each represent an obstacle we face as we achieve our purpose.

Here's a summary

AnaBella and David are best friends and they are going on a long journey to meet mother apple who is wise and strong. AnaBella and David are each others Yin an Yang. On their journey they both meet 4 friends who each are pursuing their dreams and have conflicts. Then they finally meet mother Apple and through they learn that we all have a purpose. 

I working on bringing my characters to life.

The Thoughts I'm thinking... - image 2 - student project