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The Thin Man by Dashiell Hammett

The Thin Man is Dasheill Hammett's greatest work and one of the best detective novels ever written. The basic story is Nick and Nora Charles are in NYC for the holidays, Nick is a former NY Private Detective, and they run into the daughter of one of Nick's former clients. From here, Nick and Nora reluctantly get pulled into a murder investigation but does not put a damper on their holiday drinking. The couple manouvers family dramas, gansters and the police with drinks in hand the whole time.

The book is set in the early 30's and moves through hotel rooms and speakeasy's with the characters drinking for most of the time. For me, the main visual element I wanted to draw from was that they really were drunk or waiting for a drink for a large portion of the book.

Initial brainstorming and sketches

Smokey T

H, made from smoke and flutes

Rocks glass with initial etched into it


I decided to go with the last of the sketches, the rocks glass. It best represented the "Drunk all of the time" underlying story element I really wanted to pull from the book. I went with the letter T because of its use in the title, the tall and thin nature of the letter and also becuase in a very abstract way, it looks like a body.

Drop cap as of 11/20/14


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