The Ten .EE Wordpress Network

The Ten .EE Wordpress Network - student project

I wanted to give you an update on the .ee WordPress network I was making.

i bought ten .ee domains from a registrar in Estonia for a really good price (9 euros each) instead of a massive price over 150 bucks from a domain search engine - always look for official register, they put the price up (they are allowed) but you will find some hosts that just want your business and will only tag on a small amount. the one I found was two bucks more than the flat price they had originally set for the extension. 

I believe that we will make more than our money back in a few years time after blogging on them, developing concepts and sharing them on these posts and then cross-promoting them across twibble and our various twitter accounts. I just have a feeling! :) - sometimes you have to take a gamble on these things right?

anyway. ..

I wanted to share an update that our photo site is starting to do really well on a daily basis, at least £1/2 a day in Adsense revenue which obviously as a revenue stream to pay web bills is great, now all we have to do is multiply that amount across the other ten sites we have. the steps we are taking are as follows.

  • moved to a faster host, 3 second load times instead of 8 seconds
  • better general caching
  • daily backups
  • scheduling in a blogging timescale
  • hire virtual workers in the Philippines to help with SEO on posts

we are using managewp on a daily basis now for all the sites. it really speeds up any admin we need especially when it comes to plugin updates, backups, downtime and seo in general. one stop place to look daily to see where we are heading. you can even link in google analytics. super rad.

if you have any questions about setting up a wordpress network - let me know! :)

Philip Campbell
Crypto, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow