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The Temptation of Adam & Wrecking Ball

Update: 3/11/2014

Josh Ritter - Temptation of Adam

This is a work-in-progress update (and have not yet started on the Miley Cyrus piece). I have utilized blue gridded paper (similar to the dossiers AND engineer notebooks I imagine exist or existed during the Cold War).  I also found a basic missile silo schematic that I am loosely using as a skeleton for the lyrics of the song.  I have begun to lay in the lyrics in a rough typewritter font called 1942 report. I also included a chemical equation to (again, loosely) illustrate nuclear fusion (i.e. chemistry, mathematics, physics).

"Small moves, Ellie" - Contact (Film)

Update: 11/21/2013

Josh Ritter -Temptation of Adam

Here is a link to the song:

Please see the following link to my Pinterest board for this song:

I am leaning heavily toward government dossiers and missle silo schematics, as well as propaganda posters.  I have yet to determine fonts to play with or created type.

Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball

Here is a link to the song:

Please see the following link to my Pinterest board for this song:

I am currently investigating film noir and 1940s melodramatic movies, as well as "Grindhouse"-style films.  I also see caution tape, textures, burlesque...  This could go so many ways.

Josh Ritter - Tempation of Adam

Josh Ritter has been reviewed, hailed, and lauded... He is this generation's Bob Dylan.  A folk-rock singer-songwritter guitarist AND author...  A man of hyphens.  Truly, as long as I have known of and listened to Josh Ritter, I have found myself in a state of constant awe and inspiration.  The layers of meaning, of possibility, that lie within each lyric in each song astound me.  The song 'Temptation of Adam' is one such song.  Taken at face value, this song could truly be about military personel guarding/living in a missle silo and the evolution of their love.  A love that becomes so strong, Adam is tempted to end the world to hold onto his love for Marie.  But it could also be about realities and ideals - whether regarding love or war...  In the landscape of the song, is there an apocalypse impending OR is it the love that is cataclysmic?  Do Adam and Marie intend to end the known world and look for other "places where love could be found" in the post-apocalyptic world?  

Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball

As of the Fall of 2013, Miley Cyrus has, for good or ill, become the focal point of pop music.  The world has watched yet another tragic metamorphosis of a seemingly talented young woman into a lewd fem-bot.  While she writes her own music and the songs seem to have emotion (i.e. extreme hurt and betrayal in the case of 'Wrecking Ball'), the acts of licking sledgehammers, writhing on the floor, and swinging from a wrecking ball naked somehow don't spell out HURT or HEARTBROKEN.  Perhaps there is something to be saved here, perhaps by revisiting the song, albiet through graphic design and typography there is something of value left unscathed.



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