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The Tape that Repeats Over and Over Again

It is like an old tape recording. You can't do that because....

I am working on a short series on health care issue videos. It has been a struggle. I have everything I need to put it together. Equipment, software and I can't complain about time; I have plentyof time on the weekends.


It has been a struggle. I fix one problem and then I discover two more.

I fix those problems and find out the sound is crap. I pull out the expensive microphone and do it all over again. Still crap. I get another microphone and it is better.

Then I look at all of the infographic videos created with After Effects. I almost want to give up. I'm not an After Effects expert and dont'want to be. I'm just trying to tell a story with words, graphic and audio. It is crazy to think that I can do this but it hurts more if I don't try.

If I could just strangle the internal voice of doom. In the meantime I plod along and hope that I can make a working prototype soon.


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