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The Tales of Batmana

Hi, i'm Ana. Okay so i've been wanting to start a webcomic for a while but i'm always too lazy or too busy with uni. I'm on break right now so i have the time to work on it. I found ur comic on tapastic like forever ago and i absolutely love it (it always makes me laugh) and that's why i decided to take this class. I've been sketching all day long and this was my favorite version of me that i drew so far. I appologize in advance for my handwriting and i would appreciate any tips you can give me :)

Update #1

I did some more sketches just to play around a little and to figure out the tshirt logo thing. I think it would be fun (for me at least) to have the same tshirt model with the sleeves rolled and use dif bat-man prints on it.

Update #2

Okay so this is the model sheet. I wanted to keep the sketch-ish look so i used the same brush as the sketch part for the lines, but i'm still not sure if i'm gonna stick with it or use like a round hard brush later. I made a few extra expressions to play around and i just had to do the 'unimpressed sideeye-ing' cuz that's the expression i use most. I chose a plain palette for the clothes cuz that's usually the tons i use in real life.

Upadete #3

First comic attempt. I finished the model sheet yesterday and this morning i tried drawing a comic and i just completely blanked and forgot how to draw. So later today i ended up drawing this:

- Sketch:

- Line Art:

- Color:

Update #4

I thought i should post another comic since the one above was the first one i made. So i'm on summer break right now and yesterday i ate 2L of ice cream by myself. I often live on ice cream on summer. And it resulted on this:

Update #5

You can find these comics on Tapastic and on Tumblr also if you want check out my Art Tumblr


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