The Tale of 2 Brothers!

The Tale of 2 Brothers! - student project

I was having so much fun with Walter and his backstory, I decided to create his twin brother, Warrick. 

Walter B. Strong:

A strong leader and chummy pal, Walter has always been the guy who will give you his last dollar so you can eat lunch and listen when you need a friend. He has a good sense of humor, a loyal protector to those who need it, and Walter has been affectionately nicknamed "Teddy Bear" by his closet friends. More than anything Walter wants to see a world without bullies, more kindness and an endless amount of chocolate pudding cups and warm, homemade tortillas. Aside from chocolate pudding cups, Walter's ONLY weakness is strawberry lemonade. 

Alas, this is the real world, therefore Walter does have a thorn in his side. His twin brother....


Warrick D. Strong:

Born only minutes after Walter, Warrick entered the world an angry and vengeful lad. From the start Warrick felt that he should been the first born! He should have been taller! More handsome! and, dang it, he said chocolate pudding cups were his favorite FIRST!! In reality, he did not say that duding cups were his favorite first. Thus leading Warrick to live a life of rage, evil plots and planned revenges on anyone the he felt deserves it. His only strength is negative thinking and failed plans of evil doing. At the end of the day, his weakness is Vanilla pudding cups. Yes, Vanilla.