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The Sword in the Stone

I am quite late finding this class, so I'm not sure if there are many classmates out there... but if you're there... Hello! 

I have chosen The Sword in the Stone for my book.... It's one of my childhood favs and I happened to be reading it when I started the class. 

Here goes! 

Step 1 – Brainstorming

Through brainstorming I came up with a few loose concepts. 

Step 2 – Initial Sketches

Option 1

The sword being pulled from the stone is such a pivotal moment in the book... It feels weird to not have it. Transformation keeps popping up throughout the book. I like the idea of the sword being in the centre of the W. The W could be super elaborate on the right, to show growth and the transformation from boy to king... The W would be in this sort of fairytale blackletter style. 

Option 2

Wart is turned into an ant at one part of the novel... and it's horrible... they are really single minded and war obsessed. He is also turned into a goose, and they are lovely and peaceful and offended by the very idea of war. Towards the end he meets a badger and tells him that he thinks war would be quite fun and knightly... and the badger responds, 'But which did you prefer being, a goose or an ant?'

War is a prevelent theme of the book. Merlyn is always trying to wake Wart up to the true horrors of war. The goose represents the animal humans should aspire to be. This is a W with a goose flying through it. 

Option 3

If you haven't seen the film or read the book, Merlyn teaches Wart lessons by turning him into different animals. This option looks at incorporating all of the animals into the W. The ants, the fish, and the goose again... So each just shows a lesson he has learned to become king. Maybe the W in the background could look quite kingly. I imagine this looking almost like a dropcap from a really old book. 

Option 4

Again really bringing out the theme of transformation. Maybe the W is quite wild and made from elements of nature on the left, but then it turns regal on the right. I think it would be really cool if the elements mirrored each other (but they don't really do that in the sketch). Like you could have vines with berries on the left and then those become gold and jewels on the right or something. 

So those are my initial ideas. Feedback is welcome! 

Thanks for having a look. 


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