The Swell Ink Press- A Letterpress Company

The Swell Ink Press- A Letterpress Company - student project


This logo is for my paper goods company that I am thinking of starting up. It will mostly consist of letterpressed greeting cards, notebooks, invitations and custom design work. I'm not really sure what the aesthetics of the company and its goods would be. But hopefully this class will lead me in that direction. 

The name of the company is 'The Swell Ink Press' but I worked with a variation of 'The Swell Ink, The Swell Press' just to see  how each would sound and look. But I think I like how the original sounds.

These are my initial sketches, playing around with a couple of different layouts and fonts. Will play around with colors and textures next. 

I like the clean and simple designs of the ones in the circles and squares. I like them visually but was wondering if they lack personality? I was thinking of an icon of some sort to add a personal touch but all I could think of was a ink drop and that's how I came up with the last one. It's a bit different from the rest. Slightly more organic in the type choice and layout.The Swell Ink Press- A Letterpress Company - image 1 - student project

Personally, I think I am drawn to the top 3, particularly to the last ones because they are pleasing to my eye. But please let me know what you think! Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.