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The Sweet Escape - Hawaii (Scene 4 out of 8 done)



24.June.16 UPDATE: Scene 4



20.May.16 UPDATE: Scene 3 !



5.May.16 UPDATE: Scene 2 done yay finally. I've been busy at work...



18.April.16 UPDATE: Scene 1 done. No music yet. Enjoy it in all its HD goodness :)



Hi guys,

My little animation is about an emu and a cat on an adventure in Hawaii because that'd be my perfect weekend. I'm the cat and my partner is the emu. It's inspired by the opening credit of Lilo & Stitch when the song starts (the song is He Mele no Lilo). I've cut down that song into a 1 minute version and will animate according to the music. 

The animation will have approximately 9 short scenes, and they are as follow:

1. Sea fishies bobbing around. Song starts.

2. Close up shot of dashboard hula girl toy, perched upon the head of the Emu. Emu head slightly visible. Hula girl's hips moves with the Emu's walking motion. Drum beats start.

3. Back to fishies shot, but then swim away as camera pan up to water surface. Waves, then sky.

4. Shot of sky, title animate in. End of music intro (next part is when verse 1 starts in the song)

5. Shot of the Cat curled up into a napping ball on the Emu's back. The Cat then slowly open it's eyes, and sit up straight looking forward where they are walking to. The camera can also see that there's a kiddy hand drawn map attached to the back of the Emu's neck by DIY means, the map is facing the cat.

6. Wide angle panning shot of the two of them making their way through the lush Hawaiian forest. 

7. Perspective shot from the Cat's point of view, looking ahead, seeing Emu's head, and the forest opening up over a cliff. You can see the blue ocean beyond that cliff. Typical Hawaii scene.

8. Cut scene. Cut straight to Emu and Cat surfing. 

9. Ending scene. Looney Tune's style with the circle in the wall and their head pops out. But more stylish and modern. And all in a paper cut style of course.

My extremely rough storyboard:


Cheers :)


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