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The Sunny Afternoon Teabreak

 I’m always a coffee addict. I don't always drink tea . When choosing between coffee and tea, I always tend to go with coffee. However, last Saturday, I decided to have a break from my coffee routine, let’s have  “a tea break”. ;) I went to my usual favourite cafe MOF , a Japanese cafe and desserts restaurant, a place used to have a quaint and quiet feel, now turns to be loud and lively thanks to its spot-on desserts and tea. As a way to retreat from the hustle and bustle mood of a sunny Saturday in my neighbourhood, I chose a small table at the corner. After nervously flicking through the menu, I decided to order a tea combo, a peppermint-flavoured  tea set accompanied with a slice of double chocolate orange cake.  The tea was fresh and warm whilst the cake was strong, bittersweet thanks to the generous amount of chocolate. The tea and cake complimented each other perfectly. Despite the sunny afternoon in my place and the hustle and bustle mood in a popular cafe of my neighbour, the tea really calmed me. It’s like a perfect way to mentally retreat from the city life.

At first I intended to take pictures with the rustic, dark, moody feel; however, even at 4pm the light was stronger than I expected (and I sat near the window). Well, it could be snowy or rainy in you guys’ places, but here , in the other continent so near to the tropical climate, it’s warm and sunny. Even at 4 pm. So I went the opposite : a bright, warm, sunny feel then.  May be tea is not only for rainy days; it can be for a warm sunny day. And tea is perfect for everytime then. Yikesss! I’m a tea person now!:)





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