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The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway


My Process:

I started off by braindumping about the book:


The themes I wanted to explore were the general description of the roaring 20s, the duality of that time period (fun partying vs disillusion), as well as the bullfighting/aficiando part of the book.

Then I sketched (my sketches are much more loose and unfinished that Jessica's are):



I loved the idea of having wine turn to the blood from the bull, but it seemed too graphic, so I narrowed it down to this sketch, which was a concept about the duality of the book and the time period: on the surface there is a lot of partying/drinking in the 20s, but underneath the individuals are lost and broken


The S shape in my sketch had a flow and freeness that I enjoyed, but was a little too wonky, so I fixed it up once I started to vector.

Here is an earlier version, where the confetti was square shaped and more dense, and the disillusion was shown through a gradient fade.


And here is the final once again:



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