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The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway

I've recently started reading some of the classics that I was supposed to read when I was younger. Because of that, I've selected Ernest Hemingway's first book written in 1927, "The Sun Also Rises."  I've started by reading some of the works by authors who were a part of the jazz era - the group featured in the film, "Midnight in Paris." Their stories about discovering yourself and coming of age are timeless. In this particular book, I was blown away by Hemingway's dialogue; the coversations between the characters are simply captivating.

Here are my notes from the book:  

Based on my notes, I started sketching a few preliminary concepts:

The first concept (top left): The book takes place in three locations - Paris, Pamplona, and the Pyranees. The entire story is basically leading up to the Festival of San Fermin - or more well known as the running of the bulls. In my first concept, I'm trying to capture the feel of the ruffles and ribbons that are prevalent in spanish culture - especially during the festival - as well as, the movement and feel of the red cape that is used in bull fighting.

The second concept (top right): The story reaches the climax in San Fermin when Brett falls for the young matador - which causes quite a disruption amonst the locals. In this drop cap I attempt to incorporate the bull and the brick that you'd see along the walls of the ring.

The third concept (bottom right): Before Jake reaches Pamplona for the bull fight he stops in the pyranees for a week to go fishing. This seems to be a transformational time for him - to escape from his troubles (he's heart broken because he loves Brett, he feels like he's lost and wondering, etc). In this drop cap I'm trying to create a whimisical letter H out of the fishing line.

SKETCH #2 - 06/25/14

Based on some feedback, I tried to combine the horns of the bull as the top of the H with the red cape and pillar as the bottom of the H. Here's a poorly sketched attempt followed by my first attempt to design the H in illustrator. 


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