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The Sun Also Rises Drop Cap

The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway is in the top 5 of my all time favorite novels. So I knew that I wanted to re-read it and use it for this project. I was a bit intimidated by the thought of the letter H because I knew what the general story was and I couldn't think of anything that could make that work. 

After reading the book it all sort of hit me at once! 

As I read the book, I took notes, and actually doodled a little too. I work better if I do notes while I study or read something. 

I have no clue has to why it is uploading the pictures sideways. But I also tried mapping the character relationships from the novel. If you've read this book then you know why! 

So I finally came up with a few solid ideas I wanted to work with: 

I expanded on my favorite one which is the top left one. The big drawing is my expansion. That is where I am at so far! 

May 11, 2014 -

It is finally complete, it took so long for me to do but we can blame my surprise shoulder surgery on that one. I am really happy with how it turned out, I'd love any feedback on how everything interacts with each other in this design. Any feedback would be helpful! 


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