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The Stylistic Journey

Hey ya'll, I'm so glad I can participate with you within this project. My name is Nathaniel (IG: @nathanielarroyo), and I have a confession. I have no style among my photos. 


So when a class like this is offered by my good friend Greer became available, I had to take the time to glean on his wisdom pertaining to Mobile Photography. And I might add, what a wonderful class this was. 

Being born and raised in Chicago, I am such a big city kid. I love urban environments. I love the movement of people, and the creative expressions of self amongst the diverse individuals that collectively make up a city. But then I moved to the PNW.

Here I fell in love with the beauty of nature. The calling of the wind. The stillness of the mountain. The resoluteness of the evergreen. Because of this, much of my Instagram journey has been founded upon those great PNW vibes that the world loves so much.

But as I said before, I had no style. I just took pictures and tried to edit them to the best of my abilities. Whatever looked good was good enough for me (but maybe not for others). This class has inspired to find my own unique style and apply it to my feed to provide a consistent feel while as initiating an emotional embrance through freedom of Mobile Photography. 

So recently, I took a trip down to Portland, OR, and had a great time exploring 2% of the Forest Park. It's a freaking forest inside a busy city! How rad is that? So with this series of photos, I wanted to convey an emotion very real to humans. I wanted to show the excitement of exploring, while also captivating the moodiness of the forest. 

So here are the photos. I hope you enjoy. 


For these shots I decided to edit them E5 filter on VSCO. I loved how it brought out the moodiness while keeping the color relatively saturated. 


Then once I took them from VSCO, they went straight to Snapseed and I lowered the ambience to around -13 for each photo. I gave them a little more clarity and structure since I love those tools provided by Snapseed. Then I reduced the noise levels in Photoshop express. 

Then for this portrait, I decided to take the photo back to VSCO and and apply to A7 filter at +2 just to add a smidge more vibrance to the skin tones and shadows. 



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