The Style class

The Style class - student project


I am Hanneke Heuts, living in the Netherlands and a newby in illustration. Last year I got the sparkle of illustration with an illustrationassigment I got. Since then I am exploring the world of illustration and figuring out mine own world of illustration. This class gives my a good direction I love to see all the inspirations of others and I am wondering where my own project will bring me.

I will post my new work on top. So scroll down for the whole proces.



For the project I want to work digitally and I am exploring the possibilities for the finest workflow for me. My macbook is about 8 years old and i am working mostly on my iPad. But I am looking for a way to use the pentool for creating forms an brushes for making texture. I am trying out different possibilities.

My own experience so far:

Photoshopon the macbook:
I would like to use photoshop. I love the possibilities of using the paths in combination with masking and selecting. But I notice that the brushes (I used the ones from the live session) are really too slow. Probably, because my laptop is about 8 years old.. Does anybody has a solution for the slow brushes?

Astropath: I bought it for using photoshop. It work great. Most of the action are synchroon on te mac. Except Photoshop is not working that great for me, so, I asked for a refund on the app.

Looks i have to look illustrating workflow completely on my iPad.

Affinity designer:
Works oke, still looking for the right way of selecting and masking. And looking for different brushes (some have a repeating texture). I miss the path’s.

Photoshop on the iPad:
No pentool. Is there another way?

Illustrator on the iPad:
Probably have to combine it with photoshop to get some texture.


The project:

The Style class - image 1 - student project

Exercise 2:

To see most of my work on one page, makes it clear that I am just starting and trying different things. I love it when my illustrations are crips and clean, but with depth of texture. The textures brings for me the emotion in the illustration, while the crisp clean forms give me some order en peace.
Digital illustration give me more possibilities to work cleaner. I am chaotic from nature and digital give me the possibility to correct my mistakes. That takes away the frustration of creating art with smudges and stains. ;-) I enjoy analog media now more, because I can use it as inspiration for my digital work. 
I would like to different projects to try different media (lino, colourpencil, watercolour, collaging), but I will start with digital. See if I can find a workflow which suits me best (procreate, affinity designer, photoshop?).


The Style class - image 2 - student project


Exercise 1:

I am a newby in illustration. The last few months I spent on discovering all different of artist’s, techniques and styles. I already saved inspiration on my instagram, so I started if i could see some line and similarity in it.

The Style class - image 3 - student projectThe Style class - image 4 - student project

I apparently love texture, layers and solid forms.. a contrast between chaos and structure. 

Here are some artist I’ve been checking out:



The Style class - image 5 - student project
The Style class - image 6 - student project

The Style class - image 7 - student project

The Style class - image 8 - student project

The Style class - image 9 - student project
the style of Tjiske  Kamphuis Iike very much. It’s a great use of textures but the illustrations give a sense of peace. I think it also the use of colour and contrast.

The Style class - image 10 - student project