The Style Class

The Style Class - student project

I am super excited to take this class, as it feels like it's come at just the right time in my career. As a designer at an ad agency who is feeling lost and uninspired by the corporate ladder and boring brand style guides, I'm ready to focus more on my style and grow my skills as an illustrator.

Thank you Tom for teaching the kind of lessons that are super important yet not covered elsewhere in the detail that they deserve!



I have included 3 of my favorite illustrators for the first exercise- Giacomo Bagnara, Brett Stenson and Anna Kovecses.


The Style Class - image 1 - student projectGiacomo is an Italian architect turned illustrator and I think it shows in the satisfying simplicity of his work. My favorite thing about his style is how he can keep things simple yet make them seem so significant at the same time. He has a huge body of work yet never seems to run out of clever ideas.

The Style Class - image 2 - student project

I like Brett's work because he really leans in to the nature themes how he is able to work in great detail (like the bear) but also in great simplicity (like the birds). I am drawn to his style because of how he uses geometric shapes to make a more complicated piece in a super effective way.The Style Class - image 3 - student project

Anna's work is so cool because it is childish yet carries weight at the same time. It's so deceptively simple and I know it take a lot of skill to distill concepts down to such organic shapes. Her color palettes are also fantastic.


The easiest thing to gather from all of this is that I admire the skill to concentrate complex objects or concepts into an illustration using simple shapes. I have done a bit of editorial illustration and I know how much more difficult it is than it seems. Also, drawing is not my forte, so I am attracted to style that make beautiful things out of geometric shapes.



For my creative inventory, I included some things I'd like to work on as well in order to help me streamline my efforts!

The Style Class - image 4 - student project

Mariel A.
Graphic Design/Illustration