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The Study of Light

**Hi Kat & class, here it is!**   Thank you all for being awesome :)
Like anyone who is passionate about photography, I am constantly observing & looking for light. I imagine it's similar to birdwatching; you can spot it on the fly, or camp out in an area where you are more likely to spot something worthwhile. When I think of what I want this video to look like, I envision shots of sparkling water, light contrasted with shadow, looking up through a canopy of trees, maybe prisms or time-lapse of light traveling through a room. However, I'm not sure yet what the narrative will look like, or if music alone would let the viewer fill in the story themselves.
I found the "The Dark Side of the Lens" video from our resource list hugely inspiring. I'm no daredevil, but I do hope to convey some passion about my subject!
Update & Motif:
In an effort to drastically simplify my project, I've decided to focus on the role light plays in the composition of a single still life photo set-up. (THANKS for sparking the idea Alexandria!) I'll document the process of setting up the props with light in mind, interspersed with my sources of lighting inspiration. It should end up being kind of an illustration of what my thought process is like (with regards to light considerations) when composing a shot.
For motifs, I would like to capture a sense of thoughtful serenity - maybe even grace, as well as the fleeting / transient nature of light.
I've dipped my toe into shooting some footage this week, man I'm a newbie! I'm hoping the handheld portions are steady enough to include!
Some inspiration images:


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