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The Studious Witch (aka I went a little crazy and didn't follow the prompt)

Thanks so much for this class! It's been really helpful (I even got to use it for a mock up for work!) and I may have went... a little overboard though? But I love the final product and very happy with how it turned out.

Okay to start off, I'm just starting to use Illustrator more so I knew I wanted a full illustration and something with a limited pallet.  I did a very rough layout sketch in photoshop:


and then transfered it over to illustrator


Thankfully I had gone through and watched the lesson a couple of times and set up everything so the layers flowed (I ended up with about 30 layers).  My biggest problem was doing the movements that weren't covered in the lesson but I was stubborn and did everything by trial and error/watched some youtube videos (for the sparkle effect most of all).  


I'm so happy to finish this project and add after effects to my skill set.  Thanks again for such a clear and easy to follow class!


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