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The Strongest

Hello world!

My idea was to create a illustration of one of that circus strongman. I followed the steps of the videos of Denis and scribbled some interesting shapes and poses.

I really liked the shape number 3, because of the contrast between his size and the strongman concept, but I couldn't figure a cool pose with him. Then I explored a different approach with the shape 2 in the pose C. I like the way the story emerged, so I choose it to finalize.

I avoided straight lines with some C and S curves. Made an anatomy pass and I guess it's okay. The weight feels away from the perspective. I'll fix it next step. The text is flipped because I was mirroring the image often, I'll fix it too.

Update 01.

I made some adjustments in the arms to make the weight feels more real in the perspective, changed the moustache to a more "realistic" one and  bended his knee to make a better silhouette. Then refined the lines and applied the values.

Update 02.

Pushed the value for more contrast as suggested by Felipe. I also made some subtle changes in his face to exagerate a bit as suggested by Rodrigo. I'll make the balls of the weight bigger before finish the piece.

Colors. He looks like Robotnik now. :)

Update 03.

Rendered everything.

And this is it. Final effects and some adjustments inspired in the comments and critiques. Time to go to my next piece.

See you!

PS. I am not the best speaker, so, sorry for any error you find. =D


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