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The Street Wanderer: Memphis, TN!

Update 6/29/14

This was one of the best classes I've taken on skillshare. I am taking my photos with a whole new perspective. Of course my project has morphed a bit. Intitally I was focused on just doing hand-painted signage at auto body shops, but while scouting I found some cool spaces that I couldn't resist documenting.

These are slices of Memphis that show the grit-and-grind attitude of our fair city. It's a mix of forgotten industry, grime and beautiful architecture and hand-painted relics from the past.

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Warm up 2. Ultimately I want to get to the awesome signage at local body shops here, but I'm these extra warm-up photos will have to do until I get a lil' extra time. I tried to keep symmetry and the two-third's rule in mind. I hope to add some long-exposure shots and more compositionally pleasing photos during the course of this class. I just watched the composition video from Nikon and the next round of photos, I plan to think more about subject, leading lines, straight horizons and verticals, etc.  I took most of these photos today in Downtown Memphis, it's been raining off and on all day; I stayed pretty dry though. If it wasn't for this class, I might not have gotten on the train tracks to get the first shot. 

Yup, standing in glass, old cigarette butts and God knows what else! 

I love vintage signage, architectural details such as in this sign. Ugh, I could look at the detail in this building for days on end!!

Had to cash a check at bank today, here's one of the walls adjacent to the bank's parking lot, whispy, natural beauty.

I can't wait to take better architecural photos. This building, the engraving, the ornamentation gives me a heady rush. Dang! I'm feelin' inspired!!


This is just a warm up. On the way out of my neighborhood sweet shop, I had a hankering for Cheddar Jalepeno popcorn, I spotted an empty alley way I hadn't noticed before: perfect opportunity to practice what I've learned so far from TH's videos. It's been raining on and off in Memphis all day, so the sky is cloudy and the mood is moody. I tried to focus on alignment and subject, but grasping the concept of "good" lighting is not only frightening and intimidating to me, I feel it's a bit out of my reach as a hobbyist. However, I can't resist string lights in empty alleyways so I figure'd it's better shot than never.

Original Shot (Sans Camera Raw Edits)

Photo, Cropped (for IG) and Various Settings Manipulated in Camera Raw and PS 6

Final Photo

I have decided to focus on the hand-painted signage and general quirkiness of Auto Body Shops here. I often ride by them in my car and marvel at the block lettering or brushscripts I see. I'd love to document this before these locally-owned shops dissapear as the landscape here continues to change. Many of these signs appear to be more than 20 years old and are full of individuality and tell a story about our city. I do think it's going to be a bit of a challenge as  a female approaching and exploring mostyl male owned and opporated shops to snap hundreds of photos of old signage; should be entertaining, if nothing else.

Again, I'm excited!


I've been obssessed with typography, vingtage singage since I can remember. I've just recently started sharing what I've documented in the past and whatever catches my eye now. I have NO photography skills, but I think I have the "eye". I hope this class will help me take better shots and become a curator of what I do share. Beyond EXCITED!!!

Here's a link to some of the photos I've captured: I hope it tells a story.


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