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The Stranger

I was tending to my garden when I heard a horse coming from the forest. It was annoying living so close to the border of the forest where you would hear the comings and the goings of people. Not to mention having to deal with all the horse manure on the street. I stood up and brushed the dirt off my knees, grabbed my shovel and went to the front of my house ready to take care of the manure that was likely going to be there.  Instead of meeting with my nightmare I was met by a man who was standing on the street a ways away.

 “Hello there my good lady. I don’t suppose you’ve seen a horse around here. I turned my back on her one minute and poof she’s gone.” He asked when he saw me. He was short for a man but his good looks made up for what he lacked in height wise.

“I heard a horse just a bit ago, she probably continued running that way.” I pointed towards town. He thanked me and ran down the road probably hoping to find his horse.

“Weird man.” I said as I walked back into my room to take care of the rest of my chores.

 I ended up seeing the man here and there, he ended up moving into the house across from mine. I was on my way over to see him today, I made too much for dinner and decided to be a kind neighbor to this stranger who only just came to town not even three weeks ago.

“Oh, hello there,” He greeted me as he opened his door. “I made extra food and I was wondering if you would like some?” I asked nervously looking down into his eyes. He smiled up at me and I blushed not liking the affects his smile had on me. “Yes, I would be happy too. The name’s Marvin.”

“Sophia.” I held out my hand and he grasped it firmly for a handshake, and he followed me back to my house for dinner.

It started to become a thing between us, he would either go to my house for dinner or I to his. The more I got to know Marvin the more I realized I was falling in love with him and his mesmerizing smile. I could only hope he felt the same about me.

One night when I went over he only had one candle lite up, I sat down at the table surprised and Marvin sat across from me not meeting my eyes. We ate dinner in silence then suddenly he grasped my hand and looked me in the eyes. “I know we haven’t known each other very long, but I love you. Will you marry me Sophia?” He asked with a tremor in his voice.  “Yes,” I got up from where I was standing and knelt down next to him and kissed him, happy that this stranger came to town.


The Girl

I patted my horse on its nose as it ate the apple I gave it, I looked around my village and saw the blacksmith smithing, the market was busy as always and the children bustled about.

“It’s always the same around here.”

My horse neighed in response. I had an idea and ran into my parent’s house and packed some things before hopping onto the back of Arthur.

 “Arthur, we’re leaving this place.” I kicked his side and we trotted off.

After about a weeks’ worth of riding we stopped early in the morning so we could eat breakfast. I turned my back on Arthur to look for food in my sack when I heard him running off. I looked back towards him and he was already gone. “Damn it Arthur!” I ran after him.

I was soon met with a new town and I looked around amazed, it was so much brighter in this town. I remembered my task at hand and tried looking for Arthur but all I found was a girl staring at me. She was a beauty, I could tell that from here.

“Hello there my good lady. I don’t suppose you’ve seen a horse around here. I turned my back on her one minute and poof she’s gone.”

“I heard a horse just a bit ago, she probably continued running that way.” She pointed over to what looked like town. I thanked her and ran to town where I found Arthur who seemed like he was waiting for me, he was right outside the mayor’s house. I smiled coming up with an idea as I knocked on his door and Arthur snorted knowingly. “What?” I grinned.

I didn’t know that when I started on my adventure that I would be staying just for a girl.


He came. They met. He smiled. She fell in love. They started meeting. He proposed. They kissed. They loved together.


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