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The Stranger - Albert Camus

So, I wasn't really sure what I was going to work with, but I was watching the videos and for some reason I remembered I had read The Stranger a few years ago. The phrase 'And it was like knocking four quick times on the door of unhappiness.' came to mind and I just started thinking a million things I could do with it. You can read it in here  (Btw, this may have some spoilers, in case you haven't read the book)

First of all, what I remembered most about the main character, Meursault, was his great detachment to everything.The book is said to be an exemplar of Camu's philosophy of the absurd, so I just wrote some words that I think represent the tone/mood of the whole book and then I wrote down 'guillotine' and 'beach' as objects and places I think are important and could be translated into something graphic.

As I mentioned before, I remembered that quote about 'knocking four quick times on the door of unhappiness' and the first cover design that came to mind was just that. Four bullet impacts (is that what they're called?) on a door. Obviously that's a very important part, when he kills the arab and it's kind of a turning point because it all goes downhill from there. (First drawing to the left)

Another idea I wanted to explore was the guillotine. At the very end of the book he makes peace with the idea of being executed because he says he will finally get some kind of relief of this absurd life, and he actually looks forward to it. So I started thinking about that and I saw a picture of a guillotine that reflected the sky, and I thought I could use just that as a metaphor, because death will finally give him some kind of peace or escape. (First drawing in the middle row)

The third idea that I had was something about his shadow in order to represent his solitude and isolation. The drawing next to the one where you can only see the guillotine represents him stepping out of his cell to face his own death. My idea was to make the whole room gray and then use sky blue for the part that shows through the door, to represent his freedom from indifference (or something like that).

And from there I just started playing with the idea of somebody walking through a crowd and he could just be in a different color to represent that he is within the society but isn't actually a part of it. And in the last drawing to the right I thought maybe I could make it look as if he were walking down the beach to represent that scene.

I think I wrote a little too much but thank you if you took the time to read it, any feedback is welcome. I'm really looking forward to get my hands on this project, I'm hoping I'll have something by the end of the week (:


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