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The Stosic Family

I started by talking to my family about things they believed should be included on our crest. The answers I got included skiing, camping, outdoors, western, laughter, pioneering, and feathers. My family is very outdoorsy so it was a no brainer to make my shield outdoors themed, and have it include elements from important family trips.


My dad's parents are from Denmark and Yugoslavia, and my mom's parents are from Germany. I used their respective flags in the banner at the bottom of the shield, as well as below the banner, for balance.

At this point, I wasn't sure what to put in the banner. I could put "Reno, NV" because that's where I'm from. However, instead I got together with my sister and decided we would create a slogan to represent with our family. Since laughter is a huge part of our family, and something we discussed as an important thing to include, we went with the slogan, "Laughter is key"


Then I started to put details together. I threw in the year 1980, because thats when my parents got married, so thats when my family was started.


Finally I put in my family name at the top. This created a very vertical piece, so to balance that out I used feathers (almost like a laurel), because the feather has deep personal meaning to each member of my family.


Finally, I gave it some texutre and color, so its not boring


Of course, I mocked it on a shirt as well.




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