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Gabriella Vagnoli

Illustration/Art Student. Italian in America.



The Story of the Three Little Pigs

Here is my  first email :

Dear Ms. Sims,

Thank you for thinking of me for this assignment, I would love to be part of this exciting project, but before I can commit to it, I do have a few questions:

  • What format would you need for the concepts and finished cover/pages?
  • What is the deadline for the finished cover? Do you have an estimate for the deadline for phase two? How many pages are you thinking of?
  • You mentioned you liked my work from my portfolio, is there any specific illustration that jumps to mind?

I realize that I have asked quite a few questions, but I hope you will be able to answer me briefly (either in person or by phone) so I can start working on the assignment as soon as possible.

I am looking forward to working with you


Gabriella Vagnoli


Here is my first sketch:


And here is my second sketch: this one is in color because it really helped me "see" the final product more clearly.


For the final cover I actually did not change much, I liked how the three color lines worked and wanted to preserve that, but I did add a little bit of shading.



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